Colour Club / VA001

Colour Club is a new label spun out of the Melbourne venue of the same name. While the label was always a plan, the pandemic forced their hand into launching the imprint now to raise funds for both the venue and local artists. The first release brings together 5 acts who`ve played at the club, and demonstrates the diversity of the music enjoyed there. The jazz, mutations there of, and the more electronic dance moves. 

Proto-Moro`s Club X features freeform fusion bass and a kit kicking at a drum and bass tempo. A sax blowing smoky, sleazy, after hours, before screaming in hard bop scales, while wah-wah licks are dropped into dub-wise. 

John Henderson’s Space Array is a piece for swinging percussion and piano. A Cubano river of rumba-like rhythm. 

Junglejazzvaerld, by Mount Liberation United, weaves a web of carefully picked guitar microtones. A battery building, slowly, beneath. 

Furious Frank`s Hydro Hydrangea harbours a far more straight forward klarting 4 / 4, and a sizable bottom-end rumble, but its riffs – tumbling techno chimes – are serene – like rave remembered, gently reprised.  

The E.P. winding up with Escape Artist`s poignant IDM update, Heaven Can Wait, where sampled dialogue ponders on the transience of life – and the importance of celebrating the moment – amid ambient analogue washes, synthesized swirls, and a heavy breakbeat.  

You can order a copy of the E.P. – and help the club – here. 

Colour Club photo

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