2020 / 2021 / Jonny Nash / Melody As Truth

During the course of a “normal” year Jonny Nash`s location can be difficult to pinpoint. You’ll more often than not find him galavanting about the globe, engaged in musical installations and improvisations with a worldwide network of friends and likeminded musicians. 2020 of course was not a normal year. Nonetheless Mr. Nash managed to complete two creative collaborations. The first, a serene meditation on love and loss produced with long-standing studio partner, Suzanne Kraft, which took its inspiration and name from Javier Marias` novel, A Heart So White. 

These sessions also yielded the epic, 30 minute, Breath Chant – which was released by the pair with “love and positivity.”

The second saw Jonny team up with Indonesian virtuoso Teguh Permana. The resulting album, Poe, being largely defined by Teguh`s dexterity on the tarawangsa – a traditional , sacred, Sundanese instrument – with the duo beautifully mixing classical, jazz and new age – effectively updating the sound of legendary German label, ECM

Words and selections by Jonny Nash.

Could you give me a few pieces of music, released or reissued this year, that have helped you make it through 2020?

Fools – Fools Harp

Juliana Barwick – Healing Is A Miracle

Its Immaterial – House For Sale

Joanne Robertson – Painting Stupid Girls

Suso Saiz & Suzanne Kraft – Between No Things

This will be hard to answer, but all being well what plans do you have for 2021?

If all goes well I’ll release 3 or 4 records on the label and attempt to travel a bit for collaboration – if that is indeed possible!

Is there any way that I, we, others, can help and assist you in achieving these goals? Are you looking for partners for any forthcoming activities – in that sense of “if we stand together then we will survive”? 

In terms of help, you`ve already been super helpful in your support of the label and coverage, and I really appreciate that. 

You can find A Heart So White, Poe, and more ultra-meditative modern minimalism over at the Melody As Truth Bandcamp page. 

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