Lord Of The Isles / Skylark / ESP Institute

Skylark is a pumping piece of smart, modern bleep. Rushing with life’s urgency – to the rattling rhythm of renegade, machine-gun, snares – while simultaneously conversely cutting a steady, stately, calm. Music for both the mind and the feet. Synth squiggles twisting into trance shapes, as it reverentially references 90s “IDM”, yet manages to remain a timeless slice of electronica. Omnimulti is deeper, darker – illuminated by snatches and swells of fragmented emotional bloom. Tourist Kid then transforms Skylark into downtempo, beatless boom. Those synthesized shapes now twilight`s stars blinking, twinkling, stretched molten, metallic, in mercurial glitch. Linkwood`s reinterpretation, reinvention, of the self-same track is barely recognizable – as chipped fractions of the original are layered and looped – filtered through Moebius strip-like spirals – with no clue as to where they start, where they end – in a Carl Craig-esque deconstruction. In particular I was reminded of C2`s Blade Runner remix of Can`s Future Days. Drama-drenched and full of subliminal sounds. Pushed and pulled in and out of phase, so that what might at first seem like rigid repetition is in fact undergoing constant change. Hooking, and hypnotizing, the listener, the dancer, until the senses are deranged. All gates open. Escape velocity achieved. 

Lord Of The Isles` Skylark E.P. is released on January 29th, by ESP Institute. 

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