Cabaret du Ciel / The Breath Of Infinity / Quindi Records

Next up on Quindi is the first new material in 27 years from cult Italian ambient duo, Cabaret du Ciel. Active initially in the late 80s, early 90s, Luigi Morosin and Andrea Desidera released a trio of sought after electro-acoustic albums and demos on cassette only. One, Skies In The Mirror, was subsequently reissued in 2018 by the imprint Hybride Sentimento, but The Breath Of Infinity was recorded in 2019 with an all new, digital set-up.

The opener, Skydiver, is like a galaxy, in miniature. A dense, gated, complex composition – layering subliminal celestial choirs and racing beatless arpeggios. A sound design to open your mind – worthy of the early Orb. Different Suns is a fluid fog – of hand drums wrestling with a writhing bass-line. A Fourth World exploration / extrapolation – RIYL say Deep Nalstrom and Cosmic Handshakes. Rhythms tumble with technoid tones. Chimes are trapped in echo. Beats get twisted. Synths whistle. Snares distort with a sitar-like buzz. Pretty patterns mimic plucked strings, recalling in places John Beltran`s classic Ten Days Of Blue. Highlands could be Beltran covering the Penguin Cafe Orchestra. 

Dubs of crunchy loops and Autechre-esque breaks are countered by romantic themes forged with fragile, fluttering keys. On the loose, sparse title track gently arcing guitar overdubs push the syncopation into shadow. 

Cabaret du Ciel`s The Breath Of Infinity is available to order from Quindi Records.

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