Bandcamp Fee-Free Friday / February 2021

A quick list of current recommendations. All being well you’ll hear more about these soon. 

Autumns – Dyslexia Sound System – Touch Sensitive

Autumns Dyslexia Sound System

Luca Averna & Chris Coco – Oh! – Eclectics

Luca Averna Chris Coco - Oh

BD1982 – Distance Vision – Disktopia

BD1982 Distance Vision

Black Market Launderette – The Cowboy Rembrandt – Jansen Jardin

Black Market Launderette - The Cowboy Rembrandt

Boozoo Bajou – Nacht Platscher – Apollo

Boozoo Bajou Nacht Platscher

Cantoma – Mountain Remixes – Highwood Recordings

Cantoma Mountain Remixes

Justin Deighton, Pete Herbert & Leo Zero – Orange Kika – Two Tribes 7s Clash

Orange Chika

Delay Tactics – Imperfect Strangers – Emotional Rescue

Delay Tactics Imperfect Strangers

Discodor – Discodor – Wonderfulsound


Golden Suite – Hideaway

Gold Suite Hideaway

Binker Golding – Moon Day – Byrd out

Binker Golding Byrd Out

Willie Graff & Tuccillo – New Dreams – Hell Yeah!

Willie Graff New Dreams

Irena & Vojtech Havlovi – Melodies In The Sand – Melody As Truth

Melodies In The Sand

Hoshina Anniversary – Karakuri  – ESP Institute 

Hoshina Anniversary

Indaba Is – Brownswood Recordings

Indaba Is

Clarice Jensen – Ainu Mosir – 130701

Clarice Jensen Ainu Mosir

La Ola Interior – Les Disques Bongo Joe

La Ola Interior

Lon Moshe – Love Is Where The Spirit Lies – Strut

Lon Moshe Love Is Where The Spirits Live

Muchos Plus – Nassaus Discos – Kalita

Muchos Plus

Richard Norris – Water Remixes – Group Mind

Richard Norris Water Remixes

Marcos Resende & Index – Far Out Recordings

Marcos Resende Far Out Recordings

Rheinzand – Kills & Kisses – Music For Dreams

Rheinzand Kills Kisses

Gabriel Roth & The Mirrors – Selected Works – Time Capsule

Gabriel Roth And The Mirrors

Richard Sen – Grafitti Tapes 12 – Klasse Wrecks

Richard Sen Night Train To Cairo

Nick Walters – Implicate Orders – Dot

nick walters implicate orders

Wet Silk – Mixed Signals

Wet Silk Mixed Signals

Woodleigh Research Facility – Alcyone – Facility 4

Woodleigh ALCYONE

Chicken Lips Presents – Zeefungk!

Chicken Lips Presents​.​.​Zeefungk

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