Coma / Graffiti Tapes 12 / Klasse Wrecks

Richard Sen resurrects his Subway Art-era alias, Coma, for the 12th installment of Klasse Wrecks Graffiti Tapes. Examples of his old writing, underground train pieces, also grace the release, which is available on both record and cassette. The vinyl holding 3 tunes, while a further trio of currently under wraps tracks complete the tape. Everything I’ve heard to date distills the various strands of Richard`s trademark dark funk. A sound he’s been perfecting for over 20 odd years. With Breaking Away driving a disco-not-disco loop hard up against a rough, rude post-punk b-line. Its dubbed-out shouts forced into close encounters with sheets of Sci-Fi noise. Synergising in allusions of hedonistic abandon, sonic sensations with an illicit warehouse vibe. The Devil`s Caress is less disco altogether, the F-word more rigid. More the mavericks of Britain’s industrial Northern towns – Gang Of Four or The Cabs – doing ESG, doing New York. Joy Divison at Danceteria. The standout, perhaps, is the mid-tempo Night Train To Cairo – a novo new beat chug chock full of laser blasts – Streetsounds Electro echoes. In keeping with its title melodies that travel between North Africa and South Asia doing battle with shards and slices of what could be Tyrone Brunson`s Smurf. Its careful Charanjit Singh keys colliding with congas, and in places similar to Deepak Khazauchi`s sitar work on Blancmange`s `80s chart-topping ode to having your world turned upside down. 

coma klasse wrecks tapesYou can order a copy of Coma`s Graffiti Tapes 12 directly from Klasse Wrecks.

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