Justin Robertson / The Charts / Spice & Most Excellent

Justin decided – for magical purposes – to limit these playlists to the number 23. I know you’ll all agree that we could do with some magic right now. 

Words & musical selections by Justin Robertson. 


This is my top 23 today, tomorrow it would be different. Greg’s would be different too.

Five Man Army – Five Man Army

Talk, Talk – Life’s What You Make It

It’s Immaterial – Space (version)

Mad Jacks – Feel The Hit

Massimo Barsotti – Whole Lotta Love

Taboo – Hypnotique

Bang a Gong – Ring Of Fire

G- Force – Spicey

Tantra – Hills of Katmandu

Stonebridge – Jazzy John’s Freestyle Dub

Ame Lorraine – Whole Wide World

Ryuchi Sakamoto – Shogunade

Tom Tom Club – Don’t Say No

X-tended – Split

Jiraffe – Out Of The Box

Jah Wobble – Bomba

La Union – Maracaibo (remix)

Vanilla Sound Corp – I’m Starving

Sidecut DB  – Vital Rise

Fluke – Joni

Cheick Madani –  Laya Habibi

Paul McCartney- Ou Est Le Soleil

Mc Sway and DJ King Tech – Follow 4 Now (Instrumental)

Most Excellent

This is tough as the club went through a number of quite dramatic musical changes, but I’ll try and get a taste of the different eras.

Los Chungitos – Corazon de Rubi

Severed Heads – Greater Reward

SLD – Getting Out (Most Excellent mix)

Masters At Work – Just A Lil Dope

One Dove – Fallen (Nancy and Lee mix)

Voltage Control – Apocalypse

Dust Brothers – Song to The Siren

Dub Federation – Keep On Giving

Fleetwood mac- Big Love ( Arthur Baker mix)

Fini Tribe – Forever Green

Major Maestro – Pump and Whine

La Banderita – Mediterranea

Bee Buzz- Baba Mhmmm

Erasure – Snappy (The Spice Has Risen)

Captain Sensible – Glad It’s All Over

Photon Inc – Generate Power

Digital Boy – OK Alright

Original Rockers – Push Push

Meeting Place – House From Around The World

Clive Griffin – I’ll Be Waiting (Red Zone mix)

Renegade Soundwave – Thunder

Free Force – M.I.R.C.O.

High Lonesome Sound System – We’re Go

At the request of my friends, and fellow fanatics, over at The Flightpath Estate, I’ve  sequenced Justin’s Spice playlist as a less than seamless segue. Unfortunately, I didn’t have enough of the tunes mentioned to do the Most Excellent one justice. 

There’s a limited download here.

You can find out more about all of Justin’s art – music, paint, and prose – here. 

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