Pauline Anna Strom / Angel Tears In Sunlight / RVNG Intl

On Angel Tears In Sunlight sadly departed trans-millennia consort Pauline Anna Strom uses her magical musical time machines to transport us both forward and backward to some electronic Eden. To a tropic of euphoric synthesized swells, percolating percussion, marimba movements, and glacial glissando, where rapid tribal rhythms – relayed on cowbell and hang drum – gently race with a fluid, fresh water, rush, and shaken seed cases and sea shells build to intense washes, virtual shorelines and tides. Synergising in symbiotic streams of sound which resonate richly with birdsong and insect chatter – both real, sampled, and software / hardware generated. Creating an electric cacophony, dense with diverse fauna, vivid, bubbling with life. On the track, Temple Gardens At Midnight, these abstract whistles and chirrups explode like a slow motion firework display. 

The Eighteen Beautiful Memories in contrast drops to a hush – masterfully intertwining the sweet drones and silicon sighs of Pauline`s computerized choir. 

Equatorial Sunrise, though, is perhaps the album`s centrepiece, where all of the above elements combine, and warm, healing, new age harmonies evolve and elevate, levitate, from a lush, intricately woven lyrical labyrinth. 

The “outlier”, on the other hand, is Marking Time – a storm of operatic waves, based on broken bitmapped fragments of a dissected diva. Its fractured familiarity, odd, a little unnerving, as its sharp edges cut through the calm of the otherwise peaceful paradise painted. Imagine Art Of Noise meets Claire Hamill meets Wim Mertens` Aural Trick meets Wally Badarou`s Dachstein Angels. 

Pauline Anna Strom`s Angel Tears In Sunlight is available on RVNG Intl.

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