Chris Coco / Jamu

On Jamu, Chris Coco and an “assembled” 7 friends play a game of musical Consequences. Bouncing tracks and ideas – drawn from Bali`s balmy climes – from one locked down locale to another, with each artist in turn adding something before passing the music on. The results creating a kind of drifting dub. Not necessarily dub in the JA / King Tubby`s fashion. More a super smooth segueing from one tune to another. As instruments are overlaid, multi-tracked, and one theme inspires the next. The 6 compositions, really isolated improvisations, coalescing as a collaged, cinematic, whole. Where deep male chants summon gods over subtle shoegaze buzz, and a sampled Indonesian flood, while their female counterparts engage in some cosmic, holistic, healing over 6-string jangle and harmonium-like drone. 

In places there`s a post-rock vibe to the carefully picked guitars, deep breaths, sighs, and wind chimes. Gently crashing beats entwine with Echoplex`d elements – saxophone, flute, orchestral strings, and phased fusion riffs, spoken word and gospel-like choirs. Coo-ing that mimics field recorded birds. Rumbling bass breaks hushed, ethereal, harmonies. Percussion is the sound of stone on bamboo.

You can order Jamu directly from Chris Coco`s Bandcamp page. 

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