Binker Golding, John Edwards, Steve Noble / Moon Day / Byrd Out

Incredible feats of circular breathing push through Binker Golding`s horn, on Moon Day, the saxophonist`s new missive on Byrd Out. Building from from gentle wow and flutter, to squeezed, stuttered, rhythms, to scratching, scurrying, quick fire clusters, flights, of notes – skills insane, like Parker, like Coltrane. To skronk, honk, screams, and shrieks, great ecstatic yawps – superhuman sustained stretches almost,  near, ultrasonics. Searching for the great jazz note that shook the walls of Jericho. Testing his reeds to their limit – hard bop be bop riffing, peaking, careening, then cutting to calm, and an easy swing, like a stream of consciousness, pure thought. Signing off for a moment to let Steve Noble`s drums do their thing, before leaping back in at a pitch high, clear, and clean. Throughout John Edwards` contrabass acts as much more than an anchor. While encouraging the sax to say what it will, and say it loud, those strings also add, make plain, their own point of view. In fact it feels as if each musician is effectively soloing for the entire recording – seemingly neither drawing a breath nor dropping a beat. The trio furiously approximating techno`s locked grooves. Some god knows how vamping around and in between the tight repeats. The 23-minute One Giant Step Parts i-iv is an amazing, triumphant, tour de force – a deft demonstration of both pukka power and prowess. The players minds, fingers, limbs, and lungs, throwing fantastic shapes – fierce, fearless, flawless, improvisations – as if in a trance. Totally oblivious to the outside world. Lost in it, this truly formidable free-noise – a testament to expression, imagination, unchained. Producing a perfect soundtrack for action, painting, kicking some beat poetry. The energy of its creative cacophony can’t help but rub off. 

Binker Golding, John Edwards, and Steve Noble`s Moon Day is released on Friday, April 9th, by Byrd Out. There`s limited vinyl plus a bonus 30 odd minutes of digital, both of which you can order on Bandcamp. 

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