Sunken Cages / When The Waters Refused Our History / On The Corner

Ravish Momin`s Sunken Cages make with the Juju. A musical, medicinal, mojo-magnifier, best administered in a single, heavy, head-cleaning, dose. Beefed-up, bionic, bashment. Hardware augmented, body-mod-ed, threatening and dark. Where percussion in pummeling, programmed, patterns powers techno primitiv rites. Possessed urban rituals where the traditions of G’com, Kuduro, and Mahraganat, mix with menacing, machined industrial clank. Dense, totally drum-driven, dances of dangerous, deranged dervish dynamics racing in relentlessly rampaging rhythms. Serenaded by subtle serpentine synths and strange, ancestral, strings. 22nd Century ceremonies that summon the ancients – from Africa, Egypt, and India – who growl amidst the shamanic locked grooves. Calling them forth with chants, poetry, spells, and shuddering, earth-shaking, subs. Their echoed voices, spirits, trapped between the bars of the beats, within the trance-inducing loops. These claustrophobic collisions, increasingly psychoactive, psychedelic, encouraging your entry into altered states. Not the serene, sensory switch-off of a salt-water tank float, but pulverized, spiked, by seismic, fractured, funk. 

On The Corner released Sunken Cages` When The Waters Refused Our History last Friday, April 30th. 

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