Coyote / The Mystery Light / Is It Balearic?

Coyote Mystery Light 2

Coyote come correct with a new long-player, The Mystery Light – the product of pandemic, lockdown, and frustration at the time taken for their last missive, Buzzard Country, to hit shop shelves. Herein human harmonies are accompanied by big house chords, bongos, and bigger synths. The duo indulging in some beachside disco dancing, while dreaming of brighter days, and nights of, well who knows what they’ll hold. Where swooning orchestration serenades sexy Spanish whispers, on White Isle warm-ups.  Grooves of a percussive persuasion. Mint Tea is a hymn to herbal beverages. A sedate, sun-stroked, late afternoon pre- post- siesta daydream-like float. A tranquil trip fired by warm, friendly, fractals. 

Coyote Mystery Light 3

The proceedings are peppered with the pair’s customary, trademark, dialogue samples. Smart soundbites and speeches that re-enforce the Balearic veterans` worldview. On Don’t Run It Extra Ordinary a righteous rasta rails against materialism – don’t let all that useless shit, the shit you can’t take with you, rule your life – congas clattering before Coyote administer a closing dose of acid. Simpson`s Sky features snatches of an intercourse on interconnectivity, the nature of reality, and how much of that “real-ness” is controlled, determined, by you – “Believe in no absolutes.” The album is at its most bass heavy on Cami de sa Veleta – bumping (on sunset) as a clued-up dude extols on the importance of action, of seizing the day. We are all born, we all die. It`s what you do in between that counts. 

Coyote Mystery Light 4

Woosh is a tribute to Peter Birch – one of the founders of Nottingham`s legendary DiY soundsystem – who very sadly passed away last October. Respects are paid with a haunting, introspective, reflective, ritual – ethereal, sighing, and set to a shuffling beat. Then there’s something sorta Smokebelch about Bougainvilla`s slo-mo guitar picking, bringing the listener neatly to The Outsider, the LP`s “End Sequence”, recorded in memory of Andrew Weatherall. The track`s simple “live-ish” arrangement of bass, guitar, and tambourine, is perhaps an homage to the broken, wasted, country of Two Lone Swordsmen`s It’s Not the Worst I’ve Looked… Just the Most I’ve Ever Cared, while the choice of “found” words in this case is pretty moving, and poignant. An erudite voice – that`s a ringer for Scottish playwright, Robert David MacDonald*– emphasizes society’s need for someone, individuals, who steadfastly refuse to sell-out. Those who make it their personal mission to stand outside of commercialism and conformity’s gate, and to instead succeed on their own terms. People who prove that “You don’t have to join, you don’t have to play the game.” 

Coyote Mystery Light 5

Listening clips and release updates are available over at Juno. 

All digital proceeds will be donated to a selection of Andrew Weatherall`s favourite charities. 

More music from Coyote over at Bandcamp

*The voice on The Outsider is actually that of Alan Watts.

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