Bandcamp Bonanza / June 2021

Yeah, yeah, I know there`s no fee-free-Friday this month, but there`s so much brilliant music on Bandcamp, and artists still receive something like 80 odd % of funds raised. If you don’t see anything on this list that takes your fancy, please click here for previous lists. Oh, and there’ll very likely be an update in a couple of weeks for Juneteenth. 


Richard Norris – Music For Healing: June

Music For Healing - June

O Yuki Conjugate – Sunchemical

O Yuki Conjugate Sunchemical

Psychedelic Digestion Therapy 

Psychedelic Digestion Therapy

Synergetic Voice Orchestra – MIOS

Synergetic Voice Orchestra

Michal Turtle & Suso Saiz – Static Journeys

Michal Turtle Suso Saiz

Xam Duo

Xam Duo


Andres Y Xavi – Sounds From The Secret Bar

andres y xavi Sounds From The Secret Bar

Baiana Systems – Agua Remixes

Baiana Systems Agua Remixes

Buena Onda – Balearic Beats 2021 / Sampler Uno

Buena Onda - Balearic Beats 2021 : Sampler Uno

Jacob Gurevitsch – Melancolia

Jacob Gurevitsch Melancolia

Molto Brutto

Molto Brutto

Paranoid London – Annihilate The World & Start Over


Redinho – Bullet

Redinho Bullet

Piry Reis – Cisplatina

Piry Reis Cisplatina

Mario Rui Silva – Stories From Another Time 1982 – 1988

Mario Rui Silva

Philip Tabane – The Indigenous Afro Jazz Sounds Of

Philip Tabane The Indigenous Afro​-​Jazz Sounds Of

V/A – Echo Wielkiej Plyty



Ruby Rushton – Gideon`s Way

Ruby Rushton Gideons Way LP

Southern Energy Ensemble – Southern Energy

Southern Energy Ensemble

STR4TA – Vision 9 (Melé Mix & Dub)

str4ta Vision 9 (Melé Mix & Dub)


Kapena Mokiao – Lovers Chune

Kapena Mokiao


Mpharanyama & The Peddlers – Disco


Theatre West – Bow To The People

Theatre West Bow To The People

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