Paranoid London / Annihilate The World And Start All Over

This E.P.`s opening track takes its title, Annihilate The World And Start All Over, from a half-inched vocal sample – what sounds like a deep south socio / psychopath – re-contextualized to not so cryptically relate to our recent and current situation, and perhaps outline Paranoid London’s “ground zero” plan. With their trusted, trademark, TB-303, busted, broken, and unable to be repaired during lock-down, the duo set about making new music without it. That doesn’t mean for a second that they’ve lost any of their fire, or power. The aforementioned opener races, relentless. Bass ringing with big, big, room resonance. Shots of machine gun snares shaking its throbbing groove. A huge, clenched fist of raw, basic, rave – their no frills approach still, maybe more so, a political statement. External In ramps the tempo even further. Its riff a nagging noise that rides a deranged DJAX-Up beat. The vocals, a viscous loop. Sirens setting off Rob Armani`s circus / alarm bells. Linked In is a cut of classic Chicago Jack, part of the pair’s on-going collaboration with living house legend Paris Brightledge – one that started when they had him cover The Fall. Here, Paris sings angelic, surrounded by thick walls of warehouse reverb. Describing his input as “Willfully Lo-Fi” would be an understatement. Anyone else pick up that Let’s Pet Puppies 12, where Armando recorded a track live at a party, and the vocals in the toilet? That`s kinda where were at. Moody synths rising. Drums coming in crashing crescendos. The State Of That emerges as drone, hum, and growl, from the bowels of somewhere dark, and strobe-lit. Snares snapping, smart like whips, promising BDSM pleasure and pain. A “soundscape” so stark that it`s a real rush – a stroke of genuine genius – when the Neu-esque, kosmische, church organ-like chords kick in. Eliciting a euphoric, delirious, dance-floor epiphany, without resort to breakdowns or cheese. Or that 303. 

You can purchase Annihilate The World And Start All Over directly from Paranoid London. 

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