Suzanne Kraft / About You / Melody As Truth

Suzanne Kraft steps up with a set of proper songs, and folks does he ever deliver. Channeling a tough period of personal sadness, he demonstrates just what Melody As Truth can do when they apply their extensive “avant” chops to something more readily accessible. I have to admit that I’m way, way, out of touch with young, current, singer / songwriters, but About You had me reaching back through my own record collection for well-worn old favourites by Beck, David Grubbs, Lemonheads, Pavement, Slint, and Thurston Moore`s solo balladry, away from Sonic Youth. 

This is arty rock that echoes the “indie” of yore – a strummed guitar ringing, acoustic and electric picking, behind carefully considered lovelorn poetry and lyrics. The previous, promo-ing, single, Waiting, with its wailing feedback and angelic voicing, can`t help but recall classic My Bloody Valentine, or Dinosaur Jr. Suzanne’s expressive axe screaming, full of anger, angst, and self-doubt – in love, I guess – and to be honest I’m a stone cold sucker for that sound. 

Wildlife has a sense of summer passed, of a holiday romance, suddenly, gone. Blush, bolstered by a post-punk b-line and boasting West Coast sighs, is a morning after the argument moment, awash in wistful regret. Going Down finds our protagonist accepting, letting go, wondering how long it will take for the pain to fade. There are also introspective instrumentals, for when words won’t do, such as Peace – a slowed, wasted, strung-out, overdubbed, distorted, wounded, wall of blues. Balance comes in the shape of lighter, Bullion-esque, pop of tracks like Attenuate. Screenwriter, though, races with all the head-rush and heartbreak of a romance hitting the rocks. Its wronged roar stopping and starting, then soaring. This is music to play loud, loud, loud, when you’re low. I can guarantee that while it`s spinning, and Suzanne is sharing, that you won’t feel quite so alone. 

Suzanne Kraft’s About You is available to order directly from Melody As Truth. 


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