LX72 & Leisure Dub / Lexx Music

Lexx Music lifts off, straight outta lockdown (well, nearly, almost), with 2 lush, laid back 45s. The first features remixes of tracks taken from label owner, Lexx`s, New Affinity LP – which was released late 2020 under his LX72 moniker. An album that name-checked a list of its author`s major musical influences and inspirations – from A Tribe Called Quest to Ron Trent – and joined the dots “between boom bap and deep house”. Lexx himself transforms Pl’ayers​ – serving up some syncopated serenity – sending listeners` heads spinning with subtle wah-wah-ed details, a touch of Nuyorcian timbales, plus the odd bleep and blues holler. Its shuffling, but spritely, beatdown bearing comparison to Andres` marvelous missives on KDJ`s Mahogani.

Midnight T aka Midnight Tenderness aka Ryan Hunter, from Melbourne’s Turner Street Sound, reworks Rooty Call. His Digimodes E.P. is, for me, one of the standouts in the 10 years and counting catalogue of local label, Butter Sessions. Here he delivers a dynamite, dubbed, rush – dominated by booming, bellowing, sub-bass. Its vacuum-pumping creating a void of premium LFO pressure, which consumes all in its path. Vapourised vibraphone, sonar echoes, and a futuristic fusion synth-line, are sucked into the resulting inner space. Everything swirling, and then converging, on a forceful 4 / 4. 

The second 7” sees Lexx once again sparring with Test Pressing`s Paul Byrne / Apiento – this time as Leisure Dub. Weekend Waiting being a worthy follow-up to their previous pairing, Hot Weather. The single – due in shops this Saturday – still gliding, sleekly, in a sultry, street soul, groove – check Be With Record`s roster of Bo`vel, Cassie, TLC, and even Lewis Taylor, for further reference – and still exuding the sonic equivalent of a sweltering summer heatwave. The duo are joined in their endeavours by guitarist Simone Cartia, and jazz singer, Kat Armanious. In a central spoken section, the latter laying down the (love) law, very much the lady in charge. On the flip, The Jeep Beat mix boogies a little more balearic, building a bit of bumping go-go-not-go-go by banging together a couple of old school breaks. 


You can purchase both the LX72 and Leisure Dub 7s directly from Lexx Music. 

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