LX72 / New Affinity / Lexx Music

Lexx` fresh LP, New Affinity, released under his LX72 moniker, embraces the Swiss DJ / producer`s musical roots. Tapping into the techniques, the knowledge, he acquired making hip hop some 20 years ago. Harnessing those honed skills to join the dots between boom bap and deep house. Underlining this undertaking by name-checking luminaries from ATCQ and Pete Rock to Pepe Braddock and Ron Trent on the record’s sleeve. Two of the tunes trailered on an E.P. last year are here – the sliced and diced treated pianos of Duster – replete with dubbed-out ecstatic shrieks and shouts – and the Trans Europe Express riding State Of Resilience – which is house, but as off-the-wall as say MAW`s Nuyorican Nervous Track. 

Latin loops lubricate gospel groves of gated holy hollers and exultations while slower sensual sambas simmer in SFX and acidic squelch. Their tropics cooled by a vibraphone breeze. Slinky tribal seduction themes echo with both rave`s bleep and jazz` funky Fender Rhodes flourish. Organ adds a shimmer to psychedelic soul, and orchestral sections shape soundtracks suitable for head-nodding sunset shuffles. I’ve no idea how long this album took to make – but the tracks are trimmed right down, super lean. There’s nothing flabby here, and no kitchen sinks. Not a sound out of place. Everything svelte, sophisticated, polished, precise, slick, and clean. The title track manages to be full of warm instrumentation – finger snaps, hand-claps, and Sci-Fi pads, soaring synths, and sparse acoustic keys – like classic Pal Joey chopped and pitched up, then shot out into futuristic deep space. 

LX72 New Affinity

You can order a copy here. 

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