Joaquin Joe Claussell / Raw Tones / Rekids

On Raw Tones– for Matt Edwards / Radioslave`s RekidsJoaquin Joe Claussell is your guide, your guru. Tim Leary-like leading the listener on a psychoactive, psychedelic, trip – “Out of dark times”, through 2020, through COVID and lockdowns, to the bardo, and beyond. From industrially clanking post-punk-funk, punctuated by sirens and alarms, where classical piano cascades like rain, vainly trying to quench a raging fire. To obsidian sub-bass tunnels, where syncopated finger snaps build to express train rattles, and sampled TV news broadcasts are shaken by Moodymann-esque grooves. Mantras drifting in and out of the mix. “A day without war” is the first. An angry co-opting of The Truth`s “Raise your hand if you understand” is the second. Rhythms are stripped to snares and rude LFO undulations. Demonic voices call out evil everywhere, as stuttered electro and tribal toms plot a path through a dance-floor dreamscape. Grand gospel chords and sweet countering sequences – the very definition of deep house introspection – shining a serene light. The mood not so much nostalgic, as searching for a way back to then – to how we were before. Charged with the hope that perhaps we can be better. Don’t let all of this have been for nothing. 

Brass blasts and timbales contribute to a moment of carnival air. Fanfares and percussion performing a raucous rhumba, a Sci-Fi samba, swinging, ringing, with the sound of fireworks, rockets, and shooting stars. Stabbing orchestral strings inducing delirium. Distant drums pound, accompanying the chant, “If it`s all in your mind, let it out” – surrounded by subliminal shouts of “Freedom”. The journey climaxing, as high as a kite, sexy, suggestive, in a vapour of heavy breathing – like a healing, holistic, new age, porno. Imparting a final mantra, “COME in peace and love.

Joaquin Joe Claussell` Raw Tones is released today, June 25th, on Rekids.

Those looking to book the mighty Mr. Claussell should contact the MN2S agency. 

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