T-Woc / Pantangle /Strangelove

T-Woc is Dublin-based DJ / Producer Mick Donohoe. With with roots in reggae and dubstep, he’s been releasing music for 15 odd years, on a whole host of labels – perhaps gaining wider recognition after featuring on a couple of recent, relatively high profile, compilations. First, in 2019, there was Emotional Response`s Elsewhere LVI, and then last year, Macadam Mambo`s Danzas Electricas Vol. III. These selections placed T-Woc alongside artists such as Anatolian Weapons, Jonquera, and Tolouse Low Trax, which should give you some idea of sonically what to expect from his new E.P., Pantangle, for  New Zealand`s Strangelove. Here he serves up a sextet of fantastic funky alternatives, recommended listening for fans of Ingleton Falls, the Isle Of Jura Soundsystem, and Andy Rantzen. 

Crazy Bronco rides a bucking machine break, and blasts some serious bass. Decidedly danceable, it`s kinda dark in the way that the stuff that Liaisons Dangereuses played on Belgian radio in the `80s was dark. Novo new beat, I guess. Its hypnotic, snake-charming, snake-hipped, melody, shimmying suggestive, seductive, but more than somewhat sleazy, bent sinister. Civi strikes a slow chugging groove, lights out for Tangiers, with Billy Burroughs, bang on the bug powder dust and mugwump jism. A large LFO rumble rocks the ON-U-esque Kasioso, while its accordion-like washes recall the sample-delic second generation afro / cosmic of Munich`s The New Morning. 

Midnight Magic is house-ier. Weirum is alien exotica – its scurrying, sometimes backwards, sequences like a stagger through a Moroccan bazaar a little too stoned. Sorta steel pan tones characterize all the tracks. The closing Goddy mixes this mechanized marimba with hardware horn fanfares and a cycling psyche synth riff. It`s something that certainly wouldn’t have sounded out of place on the Sabres Of Paradise label, or the accompanying Sabresonic shindigs, those seminal ceremonies held once upon a techno-pagan time, at Happy Jax, under London Bridge.


T-Woc`s Pantangle is released tomorrow on Strangelove. 

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