Fuga Ronto / Greatest Treasure / Phantom Island

Following 2016`s fantastic Invisible Escape, Fuga Ronto are finally back with a fresh long-player. Greatest Treasure finds the duo of Ron “Drumpoet Community” Shiller and Tobi “Foster” Schweizer, once again ably assisted by Roger Szedalik on jazz-funk guitar, and Judith Heiniger on a variety vocals, with, this time out, Andreas Grubenmann also supplying additional congas. This quintet converge on a high quality sextet of sunshine-soaked songs, that’ll make you – if you’re anything like me – yearn for a fucking summer holiday. 

Machined snares mix with more organic instrumentation. Marimba-like melodies tumbling throughout, adding a very tropical tone to the incredibly accomplished and confident pop. The title track is a sort of skanking Balearic boogie. Judith`s dead pan delivery, part Claudia from Propaganda, part Saada Bonaire doing their best Grace Jones, as she generates some Gina X-esque voodoo. The programs, percussive patterns, and keys, all bear the influence of house, while nothing here quite carries that kind of 4 / 4 kick. Basses are slapped or fretless. Falling Star features the heavenly harmonies of the Pasador Singers. 

The closing Mystery Of Zambio again references ZTT- in this case Art Of Noise – with Andreas` handiwork, ambient axe, sampled snatches of dialogue, and synths swirling in surf-like washes – plus the bonus of a kinda Brazilian group chant. If you’re a fan of Linda Di Franco and Hong Kong Syndikat, or, say, Amazon by Zinc, then the album is thoroughly recommended – which means it`s pretty much essential for everyone of a classic White Isle bent.

Fuga Ronto`s Greatest Treasure is available to pre-order from Zurich’s Phantom Island. 

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