ACR / EPC / Mute

ACR`s EPC E.P. contains a quartet of high quality 21st Century punk funk cuts – from one of the bands who helped establish the “form” some forty years prior. Previous single, YOYOGRIP, is a forthright Funkadelic-esque fusion of men, woman, and machines – with block-rocking beats and bass beneath its catchy chorus. The collaboration with Andy Meecham, Emperor Machine, is also a mad mix of George Clinton gone electro and jangly, jagged, jazz-funk – bringing to mind the group`s classic cover of Banbarra`s Shack Up. A party-starting pile-up of chicken scratch guitar, modular synths, and Space Invader / arcade game SFX. The tribute to Andrew Weatherall, titled The Guv`nor, is stuffed full of sirens and echoed effects, and accompanied by kalimba and copious cowbell. Its 6-string surf theme summoning images of Joe Meek huffing on a hookah, sat, stoned, in a Moroccan souk. The trippy Musik Kontrol – produced in cahoots with Sprechen / Paperecordings` Chris Massey – feels like a friendly nod to 1990`s 4 For The Floor – reprising that E.P.s percussive, trance dance – and definitely acid-influenced, house or otherwise. Its flickering sequences and spoken lyrics plotting an existential course up that river, searching for Kurtz. All the while grounded by a damn groovy b-line. 


Everything on offer is irreverent – fuck purists and fuck rules – infectious, and enthusiastic. The overwhelming musical message that I’m getting is one of exuberance, the sheer joy of pals playing together. 


A Certain Ratio`s EPC E.P. is out now on Mute.

2 thoughts on “ACR / EPC / Mute

  1. You really nailed this in your last paragraph Rob, irreverent and infectious. They sound reborn and with a new confidence of doing exactly what they want because, at their stage/ age, why not?!


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