Michael Turtle & Suso Saiz / Static Journeys / Planisphere Editorial

This collaboration between Michael Turtle and Suso Saiz maps Static Journeys, and acts as a travelogue between imaginary cities. Improvised in studios in Basel, Switzerland, and Madrid, in Spain, the music moves from the urban summer soundscape of Buonovintra – complete with children’s chatter, and the roar of traffic, police sirens – to the tribal invocations of Inek. Both leaving and returning, throughout there are gentle rhythmic machine ripples and waves of perfectly picked guitar, with the serene 6-string serenading finally building from a slow burning background buzz, to a climatic, cathartic, shred. The collective synthesizers and electronic treatments create a hypnotic, hallucinatory, haze of swirling swells and sustain, which, particularly while remembering Papotl, feels like opening, entering, the gates of The Orb`s Ultraworld. Metallic percussion clattering, loosely, on this “ambient techno” toned piece. Brendelton seems to be stood deep in an Amazonian jungle, described by the duo with a drum circle ritual – accompanied by sampled cicadas, and shakers that rattle like angry snakes. Its heavy, humid, atmosphere is an exemplary example of Jon Hassell`s lasting, eternal, influence. Hattalcuia makes its home in a submerged, subterranean, domain, soaked in echo, and an exploration akin to Bill Laswell`s Dub Chamber excavations. Layers of lush electric fretwork countering its languid bass-line. Okovozi appears out of an unhurried, musical, microtone, mist, to tower like an ancient fortress, or temple. Tingsha tintinnabulation punctuating the daydream drift. 

Michael Turtle & Suso Saiz`s Static Journeys is available directly from Planisphere Editorial.

You can hear music from this release, plus other recently reviewed ambient / post-classical / electronica albums, here: 

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loscil – Lumina – Kranky


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