Psychedelic Digestion Therapy / Strangelove

The Brussels-based collective behind Psychedelic Digestion Therapy are at pains to point out that these musical musings are “light-hearted”, and the press release lets you know that the therapy in question is, in at least part,  tongue-in-cheek – check the baked conversations woven in with the meditative guru guidance on Palmtree Calling. However, the sentiment of the six pieces is none the less sincere. The aim – I think – is, for their duration, to lift you away from the worries of the last eighteen months of pandemic and lockdown – address “loneliness”, “abnormal ideas and thoughts”. Yeah it`s kind of a joke, but, hey man, they want you to loosen up! 

The music is rooted in that of European electronic pioneers, the `70s sounds of Klaus Schulze, Neu!, and Cluster. Afro Cosmic, for sure, and a sort of globe-trotting kosmische. Not content with Belgium, their horizontal boogie mixes and mimics tropical tones,  tribal percussion, Middle Eastern zither, Indian sitar buzz, and the drone of an Antipodean didgeridoo – and pitches these in with the sine wave squiggles, popping programs, opulent oscillations, machined modulations, and fractal fizz. A Germanic voice has you imagine an idyllic afternoon on the moon, while other vocals are delivered in French and Japanese. A Tokyo Metro announcement gives a shout out to Koenji – a district synonymous with vintage clothes and vinyl – somewhere you need to pay a visit if only for EAD Record and audiophile bar, Knock. The heady, hypnotic, Kartoffel Garten is a slinky and syncopated slice of silicon chip psyche, its detonations of trippy delay anchored by a modal jazz b-line. Amour Fantaisie is like Zum Wohl with its commune in Lower Saxony swapped for the Caribbean. Halfway through the tune starts shaking a leg, like Harmonia on happy pills. Stoned and skanking. 

You can order Psychedelic Digestion Therapy directly from Strangelove.

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