Répéter / Bad Twang / Bokeh Versions

As the title suggests, Répéter`s Bad Twang is driven, defined, by twisted, tremolo`d, six-string riffs. It`s a rock n roll / rockabilly noir set to a shuffling grounation ritual, and some serious bass. Link Wray`s Rumble swapped for a switchblade skank, with echoes of Red Snapper`s knuckle-dusted jazz and blues. The Sabres Of Paradise`s Nicky McGuire winding his way home from Wardour Street, and Soho`s Flamingo, after a night spent large-ing it with Aloysius “Lucky” Gordon. Imagine Chris Isaaks in session with Sublime Frequencies` Sir Richard Bishop. The pair proficiently picking out stoned surf and broken Bond Themes, suitable for a Tarantino grind house score. Certainly cinematic – the press release references Howard Hughes` ill-fated John Wayne vehicle, The Conqueror – here dubwise thunder shakes dusty Leone / Morricone spaghetti western desert towns, amidst Twilight Zone touches, while lonesome whistles blow.

Bad Twang

It`s a tiki lounge, trashed, totally past tipsy, a wasted Wicked Game, David Lynch`s Wild At Heart buffalo hunting voodoo. Exotica, bopping bizarre, to bongos and congas, with Burroughs and Gysin, around a Moroccan souk, while melodica blasts mimic Augustus Pablo`s Far East Sound. It`s Eden Ahbez necking with Nora Dean`s Angie La La to the tune of a seedy, seductive, dance of the seven veils. The percussion, a Nyabinghi rattle of empty bottles and cans – “the kick, a lightbulb smacking the palm of a hand.” Where the notes of a rude boy`s rhythm guitar chicken scratch hang, hovering, in a Turkish hookah smoke haze and opium den vapour. 

Bad Twang

Martin Werner aka Répéter – formally known as Rer Repeter – follows up 2017`s In Fine Style with the 9-track LP, Bad Twang. You can order a copy directly from Bokeh Versions. 

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