CV Vision / Insolita / Growing Bin

Dennis Schulze, using the pseudonym CV Vision, delivers a suite of library music – something slightly different though to the currently super popular Sven Wunder / Felbm, multi-instrumentalist mode / vogue. As a set, Insolita is far more electronic. His 2-3 minute epics are a jazz fusion forged on inexpensive, second, third, fourth fifth-hand, machines. Budget technology for a budding John Carpenter. Generating Giallo-glorifying chunky, synthetic, cinematic funk, intended to soundtrack a future framed by `70s Sci Fi TV. Tracks are introduced by malfunctioning vocoder countdowns and invaded by blocks of space bass noise – the LFO buzz of deranged drums dangerously overdriven. Slick, sinister, silicon chase scenes, mix with mechanized mood music – love themes for robotic romances, and reflections, echoes, of new age ripples. 

Patrick Cowley-esque Betamax porn scores, packing a serious live syncopated swing, party with proggy, programmed, break-laden battle hymns for worlds at war. Picking up where the plugged-in possibilities of Alain Goraguer`s La Planete Sauvage and Piero Umiliani`s Moggi project left off. Cosmic, kosmische sequences shooting like stars over squelchy sub-aquatic beats, hammered out on blackmarket communist kit. Harpsichord keys countering the darker arpeggios. 

Interludes of busy home computer bleeps conjure images of a Berlin bedroom boffin, a keyboard wizard, coding Commodore 64 microchip magik, while the more dance-floor moments rock like the mid-90s “nu-skool” electro released on labels such as Clear – retro-referencing music manufactured by masquerading artists such as Autechre, Global Communications, Michael Paradinas, and Plaid – made all the more authentic by mad modular effects. 

CV Vision`s Insolita can be ordered directly from The Growing Bin, or Bandcamp, if it`s digital that you desire. 


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