Sorcerer / Kids World / Growing Bin

Coming over with a very, very, Californian air, Sorcerer`s new long-player, Kids World, celebrates his childhood, growing up between Oakland and Santa Barbara. A couple of the titles, Spray Paint, and First Wave, a nod to a youth spent surfing and graffiti tagging. The music, however, offers no reference to its author, Dan Judd`s then love of East Coast hip hop, but instead updates the records spun on and pumped out of FM radio. I mean, it doesn’t really sound like the “yacht rock” of The Doobie Brothers, Crosby, Stills & Nash, or Creedence Clear Water Revival – the musical prodigal sons of his current hometown, El Cerrito – but it, for sure, has the same rich, opulent, West Coast wind-in-your-hair, feel. A product of its environment, a descendent, a not so distant relative at least. Perhaps in the process doffing its cap to Peter Frampton* with its hushed voicebox harmonies. Lush, laidback, and relaxing but not the mediative new age float of a Big Sur retreat. More the BGM that you’d have playing at a beach-side barbecue, busy with close friends. Gently bumping electro, that gets bodies boogie-ing without them noticing. Something packed with good, good, vibes. Live drums propelling mid-tempo grooves, that pay homage to house, in their warm synths, pads and swells. The perfectly picked guitar summoning summer breezes, painting pictures of holiday vistas, bright horizons, and long, soft-topped, coastal drives, set against endless, cloudless, blue skies. Dogtown delinquents, fuck-you heroes, skating dry pools.`80s / `90s indie in its jangle, shoegaze in its ethereal sighs. Mixing tropical influences, and Japanese city pop, in with his trademark Nord Modular and Eventide effects. Buff with bongos and birdsong, the b-lines are deceptively large. Building to damn fine examples of sunset / twilight four-to-the-floor-ed dance. Their “sonic sunshine”, and “seaside kosmische”, a tribute to San Francisco`s POP parties, a scene promoted, supported by Dan`s spar, Dream Chimney`s Beat Broker, Ryan Bishop. Nostalgic for days, and nights, making tunes inspired by The Free Design, The Beach Boys, and Stereolab – searching for MPC samples on old vinyl found in Amoeba`s dollar bins. 

Sorcerer`s Kids World is out now on Growing Bin Records, both digitally, and on vinyl. 

*Or maybe Roger Troutman`s Zapp.

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