30/70 / Tastes Like Freedom: Remixed / Rhythm Section International

With love in its warm synth swells and pads, jazz in its syncopated snares and rushing, breathless, vocals – Tastes Like Freedom – as in “She tastes like freedom” – is so good that it made me feel young. Well, at the very least it flashed me back 30 odd years for a moment, so that I could remember the excitement of dancing in a room full of strangers, not knowing what adventures the evening might hold. Eyes closed, track playing, and I’m off to that particular Brazil in my mind. 

The work of 10-piece Melbourne collective, 30/70, the tune comes packaged together with some rocking remixes, all featuring said sensual songstress, Allysha, plus John Kelly`s soaring sax. To this white-haired old fucker, that saxophone, especially, lends everything a brilliantly Balearic air. Starting with New Zealanders Chaos In The CBD, the chiming keys of their conversion come across like a calming tide…until an electro-edged break takes them for a ride. That romantic reed summoning a Mediterranean sunset. The duo of brothers Ben and Louis reducing Allysha to a siren`s whispers, promises swept up on a summer’s breeze.

Keeping it Antipodean, Tornado Wallace – what a talent he turned out to be – teases with a 2-minute ambient intro before a bumping 303 b-line and 4 / 4 kick in. Gated rave riffs rising through the lush late night deepness, ace early AM atmosphere, with a definite tip of the hat to 90s Italian house. It features a very Last Rhythm-like breakdown.  

Carista, from Utrecht’s United Identities, strips the song bare, down to something far more raw. Her slower, seductive, reconstruction resounding with warehouse party reverb. Bathing both drum and bass in epic echo. A leviathan LFO hum, and trippy IDM frequencies eventually consuming the subverted street soul (II soul) vibe. 

Yu Su`s Midnight Blossom Mix is a take of two halves. Beginning as rimshot rattling kinda post-rock dub, a stream of bucolic bleeps signal a switch, again to a sort of loved-up street soul mutation. Erupting, euphoric, in waterfall glissando. Like Suzanne Ciani`s amorous new age waves set to an 808 beat. 

30/70`s Tastes Like Freedom: Remixed is available directly from Rhythm Section International. 

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