Ruffy On The Remix – Two New Ruf Dug Releases

Paper Wave have Super FU`s Imago package poised for imminent issue. The E.P. features a pair of originals plus a trio of remixes from Sarah Bates, Jorja Chalmers – a prime mover in Bryan Ferry’s touring band – and Ruf Dug. Ruffy`s revision of Moonlovers is stoned, significantly, and slowed to a crawl. Sending Sarah Lazenby`s sweet vocals soaring over some serious subs. Its dark, sex-stasy dungeon, rattle and rumble summoning comparison to seminal sides by folks such as Bomb The Bass, Colourbox, Major Force, and Warriors Dance`s No Smoke. In the process also invoking Smith & Mighty`s stripped back, second summer of love, soundsystem resetting of Erik Satie`s turn-of-the-20th Century proto-ambient*. 

Super FU Imago Art

The second Ruf Dug release isn’t really remix, it`s a co-production – but that didn’t have the currently customary (obligatory?) alliteration ring. Sorry. Partnered with fellow Mancunian producer, Pops, aka Lovescene, Mr. Dug here digs a little into the city’s musical past. The creative couple collaborating on the wonderful Make It Right, for Wolf Music. Their pacy, programmed, popping and percolating patterns recalling the pioneering latino house of Mike Pickering, Ritchie Close, and Simon Topping’s, T-Coy. The Factory Records` alumni making over the rhythmic Freestyle workouts played at the NYC clubs Funhouse and Danceteria, sounds championed by DJs John “Jellybean” Benitez and Mark Kamins**. Tunes heard on the stateside trips that also inspired Anthony H. Wilson`s co-opting of French theorist Ivan Chtcheglov`s edict “The Hacienda must be built”. Pops` vocal opens in an expanse of echo, as sensual, say, as Ron Hardy`s legendary edit of Love & Happiness. The singer effectively duetting with herself in a collaged chorus of pitch-shifted overdubs – a la Prince and his alter-ego, Camille. The production is, for the Ruf-one, characteristically raw, edgy, and warehouse party ready. Transforming the somewhat strung-out, hung-up on love, street soul lyric into a peak-time dance-floor banger. Mid-way through muted synths bring a late night / early morning AM calming vibe. These modal moments adding some electronic jazz juice, and turning the track into something totally modern – in a manner similar to Tenderlonious` terrific Detroit and Chicago tributes. 

lovescene Label A

As well as a Dub Mix, the 12 boasts an additional BEATAPELLA – which serves not only as a “tool” for DJs and remixers (the ghost of the kick, basically a click, making it easier to use “live” than a “straight” acapella), but also to showcase the strength of both Pops` pipes and the song. 

lovescene Label B

Super FU`s Imago is out now, care of Paper Wave. Wolf Music release Ruf Dug & Lovescene`s Make It Right on September 17th. You can pre-order a copy at Phonica. 

lovescene Mock B


*The Smith & Mighty produced Mark Stewart single, Stranger Than Love, inspired Paul Oakenfold`s Movement 98 – dropping the balearic BPMs down from Italian Scream-Ups, before accelerating again to become the first global king of stadium trance. 

**Factory subsequently recruited Mark Kamins both as a remixer – reworking Pickering and Topping`s previous outfit, Quando Quango – and A&R. It was Kamins who signed Chaba Fadela`s N`sel Fik.


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