Santilli / Tidal / Growing Bin Records

This album’s title – Tidal – is a clear reference to the music within`s “organic” flow. Although the word might conjure something tempestuous – crashing, broken on breakers – the mood throughout is totally mellow. Gentle compositions for congas, kalimba, and Max Santilli`s gorgeous acoustic, and electric, guitars. Balancing these serene 6-strings, worthy of someone, like, say, Michael Hedges, on Wyndham Hill, with peaceful, healing, dawn drum circles of beatific bongos and tranquil tabla. “Painting in the air”, as Sensation`s Fix once put it, creating chiming aerial atmospheres, and drawing on “folk” from around the globe – adding various items of traditional percussion – shimmering cymbals, temple gongs, and tingsha. Pat Metheny / Au Lait-esque in places, such as Warm You Give, and plugged-in, and a little John Martyn-like in others – take, for example, Cold Circle`s sustained Swell Small Hours notes. Shore-lines are sampled, open tunings ring, and on the final track, Falling, jungle wildlife hide in glacial Robin Guthrie-like reverb. One half of acclaimed duo, Angophora, Max might also find a musical kindred spirit in Pablo Color. 

Santilli Tidal

Santilli`s Tidal is released this Friday, October 29th, on Growing Bin Records. 

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