Early Fern / Place Of Rest / Métron 

Early Fern emerges on Métron with a new album, Place Of Rest. A set of soundtracks composed to the cyclical seasons of rural Appalachian America, a winter and spring witnessed while working the land as a farm hand. Six minimal, economical, tracks, that display a lightness of touch, where chimes flow in abstract patterns, arrangements as organic as ripples of rain, and synths shower the assembled pieces with sunrise-like arcs, and dawn / daybreak fanfares. Singing like orchestras of strings in synergy, while looped field recordings create infinite streams, mimicking the melting of snow, the flood, the rush of rivers. Aurally painting a pastoral, a post-techno space where new age and kosmische converge. Part the West Coast of Iasos and Suzanne Ciani, and part Cluster holed up in secluded Lower Saxony. Not so much meditative, as simply standing back, watching as nature`s wonders unfurl. Where computerized choirs, their hymnal harmonies, mix with gently treated guitar, and backwards, masked, melodies, and loose improvisations for bells, gongs and melodica combine in modern chamber music moments. A musical rainbow of muted, pastel, colours, calming, almost ecclesiastical tones. 

Forced to pick a standout, well, I`d go with Golden Moon. A slow beatless march that echoes the experimental electronic innovators and pioneers that once populated the catalogue of Klaus Schulze`s Innovative Communication imprint. People like Ralf Trostel, and then younger, inspired folk, such as Anthony “Majeure” Paterra, his Solar Maximum 2. That Cosmic sound, re-popularized some two decades ago, when Daniele Baldelli`s mixtapes first resurfaced. 

Early Fern`s Place To Rest is released today on Metron. Funds raised will go to support the organizations Appalachians Against Pipelines and Stop Pipeline 3. 



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