John Lyle / WonderfulSound Singles Club

The latest exclusive from WonderfulSound`s Singles Club is AA-sided 45, licensed from Canadian singer / songwriter, John Lyle. Rescuing a track apiece from his privately-pressed albums, The Lonesome Ornery Polecats`s Bootleg Powerhead from 1971, and his solo opus, Hard Cover Virgins, from 1978. 

From the latter, Life’s A Breeze, is the sort of lush, laidback, jazz-leaning folk, once championed by Mancunian balearic Aficionados, Jason Boardman and Moonboots. With lyrics concerning, love, beaches, sunshine, and sunsets, accompanied by synthesized strings and and cyclical acoustic picking, it exudes a very cool Aloha Got Soul-esque blue-eyed vibe. From the former, Rivers Of Stone, had me reaching for the Batteaux brothers – David and Robin, Alzo & Udine, and Kenny Rankin`s perfect Peaceful, as musical points of reference. 

The 7” is available to subscribers only. That said, Miles Copeland from the label dropped me a line to say that if you sign up and email him with the message “Hey Miles, Ban Ban Ton Ton sent me”, he will sort you out a free copy. So I guess this is an experiment of sorts. Is anybody out there? 

You can subscribe to The WonderfulSound Singles Club here – you can check out the releases so far on Instagram – while the label`s regular releases can be ordered via Bandcamp. 

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