2022 / Thank You / The “Top” Posts Of 2021

To start the new year I`d like to take a moment to say a huge THANK YOU! to everyone, absolutely everyone, who`s visited and supported the blog, also to all the people making tunes, and all the independent labels working hard, against increasing odds, to get the underground over, and out there. 

It`s been another bumper year for Ban Ban Ton Ton, and when you’re doing it, you’re doing it, too busy to stop and take stock. It`s hopefully pretty obvious that we aren’t chasing numbers, that ain`t really where we`re at. Each of us – Cal, Dennis, Mike, The Insider – is simply writing about things that we feel are important, things, the books, films, and especially the music, that we love. That said, this morning I did sneak a peek at 2021`s final figures, and thought maybe I`d give the “top ten” most viewed posts a re-pump – as a kind of recap, and just in case you’re in need of a “long” read. 

There were tributes, put together by Chris Galloway and myself, to mark the anniversary of the sad, sudden, passing of Andrew Weatherall – who  continues to both educate and inspire. There were in-depth interviews with Spectrum stalwart, Roger Beard, Hardway Brother Sean Johnston (plus his amazing, exhaustive, ALFOS EBS chart), Justin Robertson, taking time out from his Temple Of Wonders, and Balearic Mike – who`s now become a regular contributor (I did also have a bash at persuading Justin, but he was tied up with his fantastic first novel, The Tangle). All of these folk shared super stories, and shone a light on chapters that had perhaps been forgotten during evolution of the balearic beat. I did a personal pick of Black Science Orchestra, now North Street West’s Ashley Beedle`s productions, and the ongoing search for new Amnesia `88 worthy tunes still proved popular. With help from the lovely Hi Fi Sean a piece on his remix of Fire Island`s cover of The Style Council also managed to Shout To The Top. 

Interview / Roger “The Hippie” Beard / Spectrum / Land Of Oz

Spectrum Flyer

Interview / Sean Johnston / Hardway Bros / A Love From Outer Space

hare and hounds ALFOS

Sean Johnston / The Charts / A Love From Outer Space Emergency Broadcast Service

A Love From Outer Space emergency broadcast

Interview / Justin Robertson / Formerlover / Deadstock 33s

justin robertson the tangle

Interview / Balearic Mike

balearic mike kylie

Mr. Beedle`s Best? A Personal Journey Through Ashley Beedle`s Productions, Remixes And Edits

london hooligan soul

Looking For The Balearic Beat 2021


The Style Council / Fire Island / Hi Fi Sean / Shout To The Top

fire island hifi sean art

A Dub For Auntie Audrey

Channel 1 Feel This

Chris Galloway / One Horse Shy, In A One Horse Town

chris galloway andrew weatherall cover photo edit copy

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