2022 / The Year Of The Tiger

2022 is the year of the Tiger – a “Fire Tiger” in fact, to be exact, signaling a coming period of prosperity. According to Wiki: “Its motion is upward and its energy is convective.” I know you’ll join me in saying, shouting, “Thank fuck for that!”

New Year Box

The cover picture above is a hand towel that I received as a gift with posh box of traditional Japanese New Year food: all preserved, salted meats, fish cakes, and pickled vegetables – a bit like the equivalent of a seasonal hamper from Harrod`s or Selfridges, but without the pies, crusts, or carbs. 

New Year Food 2

This is supposed to tide you over the New Year holiday, which in 2022 runs to the 4th of Jan. You see, in a country still deeply, deeply, rooted in tradition, everything does actually close here. Sure, the odd convenience store might be open, but there are no delivery truck drivers working, so very quickly shelves become bare. In the past I’ve discovered to my cost that gas stations are also shut. 

New Year Food 1

So you fill up, stock up, and hole up, only venturing out perhaps to a shrine, to say a prayer, sound the temple bell, for those that you love. Below is a list of tiger-themed tracks – not quite off the top of my head – some tongue-in-check, some totally terrific – to help you ring in the new.

James Bright – Flying Tiger

Duran Duran – Tiger Tiger

Brian Eno – Taking Tiger Mountain

Felix – Tiger Stripes

Michael Franks – Tiger In The Rain

Joni Mitchell – Taming The Tiger

Nicolas Motte – Tiger For Breakfast

Mud – Tiger Feet

Roedelius – Im Revier Des Tigers

Silver Connection – Tiger Baby

Bonnie St. Claire – Tame Me Tiger

St. Etienne – 3D Tiger

Survivor – Eye Of The Tiger

Tensnake – Holding Back My Love (Tiger & Woods Remix)

Tiger Stripes – Black Beach

Tonica & Dominante – Tigre (Leo Mas & Fabrice Remix)

Wishing you all a very, very, good one!!!

Tiger Black White

Artwork by Taikan Suzuki

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