Peter Winnipeg / Blood Moon / Ish Records

Taking his alias from Canada`s “Gateway To The West”, Chicago-born and based musician, Peter Winnipeg, treats us to his third long-player, Blood Moon. Citing bands like Detroit`s post-punk Protomartyr, and artists such as Christchurch’s 4AD-influenced Roy Montgomery, as sources of inspiration, the new record contains eleven spikey, guitar-based songs, interspersed with synthesized, ambient interludes – hushed shorts of feedback fuzz and buzz. The opening Tongues places poetry in a setting of icy, glacial, reverb. Peter’s playing evolving into a blast of blues-y spacerock. Waiting Room is a rush of raw punk chords, cathartic choruses with cymbals smashed so hard and fast they seem phased. Packing the swagger of a young Sonic Youth and topped by a don’t-give-a-fuck solo. In contrast, the title track is a broken ballad, accompanied by acoustic acrobatics. Sticking with the SY comparisons, think Thurston Moore`s Benediction. Something about it also recalls The Pixies` Black Francis. In The Darkness finds Peter reciting a supernatural narrative. Deep In The Night has him multi-tracked against drum machines, keys, and plugged-in gear that sounds in harp-like glissando. On Smitten, a wailing rocker with great rumbling bass, he struts his six-string stuff. Heroically sending out shredded squalls. Death & Money is a bar room piano pounder, damaged but defiant, reminiscent of Dennis Wilson`s Pacific Ocean Blue. Empty Vessel continues the obsession with shadows, and bounces to an off-beat rhythm. Fermi, with its hypnotic riff and treated, trippy, `60s psychedelia harmonies, relocates the Jesus And Mary Chain to California’s West Coast. Another ballpark benchmark would be The Brian Jonestown Massacre. Sun is strummed, serene, stoned and strung out a la New York`s sorely missed Psychic Ills. The closing, The Picture Is A Model Of Reality delivers a finale of disintegrating distortion. The album, perhaps destined to become an “outsider pop” cult classic, idiosyncratic, eccentric, in a world of its own making. Despite all those references, totally unaware and uncaring of any current fashion or vogue. 

peter winnipeg blood moon art

Peter Winnipeg’s Blood Moon is out now on Ish Records.

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