Woo / Paradise In Pimlico / Quindi Records

The Brothers Ives return to Quindi with eight new tracks of their very particular wonderful Woo-zy electro-acoustic magic. As playful as ever, the album, Paradise In Pimlico, is something to submerge in for its 40-50 minutes duration. A portal into Clive and Mark`s gentle and genial world. Leaving your worries at the door. Nothing as jarring as a jump down the rabbit hole, or through the looking glass. More a mini, micro-dosed, adventure, full of otherworldly washes of fairytale detail, and childlike joy. Our ambient auteurs leading the way. Where music box chimes dissolve into pensively picked acoustic strings, and a drum machine skips happily somewhere in the background. Woodwinds whistle, there`s a dash of double-bass, charming cello and reeds. A tiny chamber orchestra. Pretty pizzicato strings and toy piano tones mixing with birdsong and bubbling, babbling brook electronics on ethereal, enchanted compositions that ebb and flow with an air of improvisation. Bringing the height of summer, before spring has even sprung. 

Sounds are stretched and refracted, stuttered and gated. There are mandolin moments and Spanish guitar sections. Marimba and vibraphone. Tracks, like The Motorik Mirror, demonstrate the duo’s “techno” tendencies. The busy bucolic circuitry chatter recalling the music of Black Dog / Plaid and “folktronica” figureheads, Ultramarine. The intricate arrangements of delicate dancing molecules, spiraling sequences, purring patches and plug-ins, jazzed by live syncopation. A collision of kosmische and IDM. 

If it`s musical reference points that your after, well, I was imagining a more organic Inoyamaland. Curious, humorous kankyo ongaku meets Explosions In The Sky`s much-loved Prince Avalanche soundtrack. When Woo add a more defined, more boisterous, beat, like they do on Gold Star, then they’re Fila Brazilia, Steve Cobby at his most abstract. It`s all warm, cosy, and incredibly comforting. 

Woo`s Paradise In Pimlico will be released on Friday, February 25th, care of Quindi Records.

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