Hugh Mane / Resonant Moods / Within Reason Records

The last we heard from Mark Gilbert aka Hugh Mane was his track, Out In The Ether. A terrific ten ambient minutes that mixed Steve Reich with serious sub-bass boom, this was one of the standouts on The Growing Bin`s Lucky Are Those Who Hear The Birds Sing compilation. Where that track felt like kosmische meets chillout room rave, these four new musical forays for Within Reason Records seem to draw on jazz and fusion. I’m saying that because of the very cool keys and vibes. 

On Coming Home a tick-tocking drum machine underpins a racing, rushing river of pretty chimes, as the tune`s  fragmented main melody opens out like a flower in bloom. Voices Of Choice is slower. Vibraphone ringing, raining, like a warm summer shower. The arrangement, assured, unhurried, and accomplished, with something of the ebb and flow of Brian Brigg`s Aeo about it. Music For A Non-Existent Song is more insistent. A lush, romantic, stuttered synthscape, swimming in swirling, scintillating sequences. A computerized cosmic mover for slo-mo disco dancers. Think Vince Montana head-lining at the Star Wars cantina. Resonant Moods is a detailed delayed drift of improvised notes that echoes George Duke`s North Beach. Its badass bulbous bass squelches and Arp arc interplay also recalling Roy Ayers, Everyone Loves The Sunshine or We Live In Brooklyn, Baby. Honestly, it really is that good. 

Hugh Mane`s Resonant Moods E.P. will be released on March 15th. Yo can preorder a copy directly from Within Reason Records.

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