Basso / Lucky Are Those Who Hear The Birds Sing / Growing Bin Records

Growing Bin Record`s boss, Basso, has put together the label`s first comp, titled Lucky Are Those Who Hear The Birds Sing. Lovingly sequencing some super obscure selections like an old-fashioned mixtape. It opens with the percussive post-punk of One Tongue`s Coffee – taken from their 1980 LP, No Doubt. Middle Eastern in vibe, with its short-wave receiver tuned to prayer broadcasts on Radio Marrakesh, behind a honking, skronking saxophone. I.A.O. swap that sax for a flute on the following Helium III – an archival track lifted from the 93-95 CD.  The collective were recently the subject of an essential compilation on Australian label, Left Ear. Basso`s choice is gentle and jazzy, wrought from the woodwind, and contra-bass. A little like a library music cue constructed from a Roedelius loop. Matthias Raue`s Brücke Am Schwarzen Fluss 2 is an electric drum-circle short dating from 1988. Hardy Kukuk`s Freundschaft boasts playful ping-ponging bleeps, and is new age in tone. Frank Suchland`s beatless bite of soft focus, romantic, spoken word – Schnee – was originally released in 1989 on the album, Laß Bloß Die Stille Nicht In Ruh. Die Fische`s Conversation Of Everyday Lovers sounds like Ramuntcho Matta at his most groovy, or something from Jasper Van`t Hof`s Pili Pili project – setting uplifting synthetic bells and chimes to a chugging drum machine kick. Its false stops and starts forcing both feet and head into submission. The final track comes from Mark Gilbert aka Hugh Mane. His epic Out In The Ether until now has only been available as a Bandcamp exclusive, via Mark`s Stupid Human Records. It`s a terrific 10 minutes of Steve Reich-ian counterpoint – a Music For 18 Musicians supplemented, boosted, by sucking and blowing sub-bass boom. Modular bubbles and free-jazz cymbal shimmer moving to, swimming in, the sedated rave undulations. Live drums lending the cut a classic kosmische feel. 

This is due out on the 19th, but there are no links live yet, so for news I guess you’ll have to stayed tuned to The Growing Bin. 

Ramuntcho Matta
Pili Pili
Music For 18 Musicians

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