Tell Me Why, Tell Me Why, Tell Me Why

If everybody wants to live together, why can’t we live together?

Timmy Thomas Rest In Peace.

Timmy Thomas – 1972

Timmy Thomas Live Together 2

Jimmy Smith – 1974

Jimmy Smith Live Together

Cristal – 1977

Cristal Live Together

Tinga Stewart – 1977

Tinga Stewart Live Together

Mike Anthony – 1982

Mike Anthony Live Together

Illusion – 1982

Illusion Live Together

Maximum Joy – 1983

Maximum Joy Live Together

Sade – 1984

Sade Live Together

Danny Rampling – 1989

Danny Rampling Live Together

Pressure Drop – 2004

Pressue Drop Live Together

Soul Sugar – 2016

Soul Sugar Live Together

Dr Lonnie Smith – 2021

Lonnie Smith Live Together

As we emerge from a global crisis, that you might have thought would have brought us closer together, instead in 20 fucking 22 there are images of bombed out hospitals and mass graves on TV. How Earth can that be? At this rate we`ll be singing Timmy’s song, asking that same question, forever. 

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