Music For Freedom: A Fundraiser For Ukraine / Music From Memory

Adam Oko`s High Press is a tribal-tinged, mid-tempo, thumper – giddy and gated, and tempered by children’s chatter and laughter. Alex Ho`s Idle Brain is an ambient atmosphere, a flourish of fusion-esque keys. Androo`s more abstract Thanks To Bach constructs an oasis of calm from field recordings and musique concrete collage. Benedek & Calonico Project summon free-flowing frequencies on their Eternal Jam. Black Deer`s Untitled contribution binds buzzing electro blips to old school 808 boom. Percussion and pretty hang-drum patterns, gently gymnastic guitar details of Durutti Column dexterity, all sweeten the sinister strings of Dazion`s Ponds & Lakes. Giuseppe Leonardi delivers some proper dance-floor delirium in the shape of the ace Angelo. Jonny Nash & Suzanne Kraft submit Strøm, a slice of challenging but ultimately serene sonic design. Jordan GCZ`s Rob Mod is a bit of bucolic bleep, wired with machine whirs, whispers and whistles. On Horses, Loveshadow do their sublime early `90s street soul-influenced synth pop thing. MLO`s Emptiness is a magical understated masterpiece, that surrounds solo piano with swirls of synthesized surf. Pheels & Scott Glimore bid you surrender to the lush Library / Exotica groove of Slow Phase. RAMZi`s trademark update of that same retro vibe has a Jon Hassell rainforest digitally reimagined. Her Salve is a bush of ghosts buried deep within the machine. DJ Sofa teams up with Japanese vocalist, Saeko Killy, for the pukka post-punk flavoured, MENA-melodied, Yume No Naka De. Seasoned Spanish maestro Suso Saiz shimmers on Horizonte 327, where he supplies some super celestial, new age healing. Zatua`s Kraut is a slightly gothic, psyche rock strum and stomp, that somehow manages to squeeze in, juxtapose, flashes of summery jazz-funk. The Zenmenn & Farao`s Touched By An Angel takes you on a tropical trip. A taste of 21st Century Balearic, by way of classics from the likes of Anna Domino and Linda di Franco.  

Music From Memory Music For Freedom

All profits from Music For Freedom will be donated to Red Cross Ukraine. You can order a copy of the collection care of the marvelous Music From Memory. 

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