Twenty-eight solid gold jazz throwdowns with all proceeds going to Ukraine – can’t go wrong, right?

Superpositions’s Sight & Silence is a melancholic echo of all that’s happening – a slow blues for the blue and yellow flag. A soundtrack for the images being burned sadly on to all our retinas.

Timo Lassy brings a live workout on Better Together: thirteen and a half minutes of questing, searching, free and easy beats and basslines rumbling away under the horn.

Laser Pancakes go downbeat on About Bowman’s Sista: slow and low grooves heavy and stumbling, another dark vibe for dark days. Queasy but cool.

Lucia Cadotsch, Kit Downes, Ruth Goller’s Brother II is a vocal meditation, again sombre and reflective, catching the mood perfectly.

The Stance Brothers bring the hip hop influences front and centre, jamming for survival.

There’s an early sketch of Joona Toivanen’s wonderful recent album highlight, Of Profession, that’s all skeletal feels and ideas being worked out on the fly: intriguing to compare to the final cut.

AINON’s Equation is another yearning composition, horn swells and staccato percussion combining, with an unease creeping in – a soundtrack for a world suddenly gone to shit.

With another twenty-one tracks to choose from if you’re feeling the abstract jazz flavours then do everyone a favour and purchase. Music for peace – ALWAYS.

Music For Ukraine is available from Wejazz. 100% of proceeds go to humanitarian aid in Ukraine.

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