David Holmes / It`s Over, If We Run Out Of Love (Remixes) / Heavenly Recordings

David Holmes` new single takes his previous compassionate call to arms, Hope Is The Last Thing To Die, and, if possible, tops that. It`s Over, If We Run Out Of Love is still full of “Phil Spector-esque sparkle and switchblade-wielding `60s girl group glamour” – stamping, stomping kosmische glam glitter – but singer, Raven Violet`s rhymes now ring out like an Oasis stadium anthem. A crowd come together sing-along champagne supernova, and there`s even a little of Liam`s snarl in her delivery. A fucked-off arrogant edge, born of abuse, that`s tired of being shoved and pushed around. Bristling with Molotov-mixing energy and ire, that with only one more nudge is gonna go off. 

“The road is long, and I keep losing my way.”

Personally, this particular line serves as a great reminder, to stick to those things that you believe to be good and true, and to not be distracted, dissuaded, by the constant whispers of self-doubt. 

Darren Emerson adds a rattling percussion loop, and isolates the big modular bass drone – gradually building the beat up from its constituent components. While listening I kept thinking of Darren`s dynamite remix of Bjork`s Human Behaviour. It doesn’t really sound like that – well, it`s a bit prog-y and a bit tribal – but it`s that kind of triumphant return to form. A 9-minute epic exercise in celebrating the music of Club UK`s heyday – complete with bleeps and fractured Basic Channel piano – while, via Raven, injecting some 21st Century pop. It`s definitely destined to be huge come the summer and festival season – provided we can shake off the shackles of COVID, and put a stop to the horrors of war. I mean, I’m old and sober, but I can just about remember what it was like to be young and high. 

Hardway Bros` Sean Johnston shores things up to a techno 4 /4. Combining Italo arpeggio and carouselling cold wave synths to create a teutonic trancer, a pukka piece of peak-time party-starting pressure – a born again Belgian, Boccaccio rocker. A rewind to the Valanecia`s raucous La Ruta Del Bakalao, that`s got that “robo-disco” rub down to a T (or is that E?). Sean`s Live At SSL Dub – filtered, phased, and showered with sound effects – it`s totally the flavour of early (London) Balearic beats, shrines like Future and Shoom.

Legendary California-based couple, Lovefingers and Heidi Lawden, conjure up two contrasting recreations. Their Low Tide Mix packs a post-punk vibe, serving up a sinewy stop-start groover – of slapped bass belches – sweetened by glacial glass harp glissando. Think 400 Blows more deranged dance-floor moments, or A Certain Ratio`s righteous recent output. Their High Tide Mix, though, takes the tempo up a tad. Its racing pulse pumping harder and faster, while conga fills and temple chimes ensure it retains some humanity. 

David’s fellow Heavenly Recordings label-mates, Working Men’s Club, however, deliver the pacy-iest, and most radical remake. Stripping away most of the song and instead centering on nearly 7 minutes of morphing, mutating bottom-end and scything cymbals. Synthesizing a shot of snarling, menacing, modern acid house. A pitch black soundtrack where ravers` abandon and reveling is frozen by flashing strobes. 

The OG of David Holmes` It`s Over, If We Run Out Of Love is out now. For the remixes, you’ll have to wait until March 31st. All come care of Heavenly Recordings. 

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