Matt Gunn / Disko Drohne / Paisley Dark

Leeds Label, Paisley Dark, have just published an order link for a second precious lathe-cut 10”. The music is the work of electronic musician, Matt Gunn, and encapsulates the differing, altered, dimensions, of imprint`s on-going trademark dark acidic dub discourse and sound. Clearly kosmische-influenced – check the German spelling – Disko Drohne combines ace post-punk, PiL / Keith Levene axe – angularly aping a muezzin`s call – and finger clicks that crack like a dominatrix`s whip, while its TB-303 throws you around, has you bouncing off rubber dungeon walls. As a secret, hidden, digital bonus there`s the additional severely stoned drift of an Outro Mix. A psychedelic sonic Sufi soup of crazy cowbell, distortion, and still bubbling, boiling, fractals. 

I Am Energy is a mutant mating of italo and electro, that induces dance-floor delirium with some super scratchy funk guitar. Lost In The Drohne is set to a slower, shuffling tempo, Roland`s silver box still snarling though. Trippy with tabla touches, and wasted West Coast harmonies, for a moment it breaks into a piano vamp based around Talk Talk`s Life’s What You Make It, and a brief burst of haunted blues harp, before hitting a finale of siren-like synths and a climatic shredding solo. 

Matt Gunn`s Disko Drohne is out now, on Paisley Dark. If you’re after the vinyl, get an order in quick, `cos there are only 50 copies. 

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