Space Ghost / Private Paradise / Pacific Rhythm 

Oakland native, Sudi Wachspress, aka Space Ghost, composed this album, Private Paradise, while micro-dosing on magic mushrooms, holed-up at Sea Ranch, on the Northern Californian coast. Just perfect for a for a label called Pacific Rhythm. Comprised of eight chilled out pieces – unsurprising given the circumstances of their creation – it finds the mildly mind-altered musician synthesizing soft, sensual soundscapes, of sonic swirls and cosmic comet tails – somnambulant, dream-like drifts. Warm whirlpools of analogue bubblebath. Relaxed, jacuzzi-like joints. 

It`s sort of musical equivalent of waking from an afternoon snooze, climbing out of the hammock, rubbing the sleep from your eyes, and starting to think about what you’re gonna wear to tonight’s party. The pictures it paints, with its wind chime-like melodies, move from the ringing of buoys eddied by turning tides, to harbour lights being switched on – with a gradual gathering of drum circle percussion, reassuring ripples and waves of womb-like bass. At its most mellow the album makes like the missing link between German kosmische and Japanese kankyo ongaku. I’m guessing that it was equally influenced by both. 

The title track is alive with bird calls and song. Sudi injecting a touch of jazz into this virtual rainforest vibe. Inner Focus is built around some classic old school Chicago Juno-based jack. Accompanied by a computerized choir, it`s like a gentle reprise of some loved-up mid-90s Italian gear, something like, say, Cocodance`s Angels Of Love. Claudio Coccoluto Rest In Peace. An understated hit, more a massage or a stroke, of deep house, for when sunset turns to twilight. Transporting the listener to tropical climes. Setting them shimmying, shimmering, tripping, just a little, beneath starlit skies. 

Space Ghost`s Private Paradise is out this Friday, on Pacific Rhythm. 

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