Paisley Dark / Shelter Me: Beats For Beds

There are acidic chuggers, packing serious machine menace and muscle. Weatherall-sampling, snare-snapping sinister TB-303 squelchers, ringing with rock riffs, and industrial clanking. Ominous bottom-end hums married to huge hefty kicks, producing proggy skipping tech-y sci-fi groovers, and pumping, thumping, trance dancers. Computerized funk for super freqs built on punchy percussive loops and TR-808 beats. Electro-sleaze and nocturnal emissions. Dark, dark disco, with italo and new beat influences. Arpeggios a-go-go. Ethereal shoegaze-y atmospheres are shaken, and stirred, by sampled shouts and robotic rumblings. There’s even one example of icy, gothic, gated, symphonic synth-pop. 

Most of the cuts here are collisions of house, dub, and bionic breaks. Much of it medicined, psychedelically spiked, and further spiced by found, spoken sound bites. Sonically there`s significant overlap between the stuff here and that on the Spun Out Agency’s recent comp. It`s more of that frightful oompty boompty music. 

The standout for me is Richard Sen’s Lata Mangeshkar, where the legendary Indian singer’s haunting vocals spin and swirl, soar and fly, around, in and out of, some superior stripped back old school Chicago jack. Moody and magnificent, it`s like Monsoon meeting Master C&J. But forget the fancy words, and the referential fireworks. What you basically get are 20 far-reaching Funky Alternatives, while your cash goes to support a fucking good cause. 

Paisley Dark’s Shelter Me is out today. All proceeds will go toward helping the homeless, and those threatened with losing their homes, via Shelter UK. 

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