Anatolian Weapons / Selected Acid Tracks / Byrd Out

Aggelos Baltas aka Anatolian Weapons has blessed the brilliant Byrd Out with an E.P. of ace TB-303 workouts. All are aimed directly at the dance-floor, but perhaps designed for different stages of your party, or trip. It`s a varied set, that starts out with the trance-y, European-flavoured, Acid Research 63 – something hinged on house`s high-hats, but beneath there`s this kinda kosmische throb. The interweaving Roland lines increasing in intensity, until they’re eventually snapping and snarling. Surfing a sonic space somewhere between Hardfloor`s TB Resuscitation – which was huge in certain circles back in `93 – and an improvisation from the switched-on Scottish “mad man”, Ege Bam Yasi. The machine-made melodies slowly evolving. Its eleven-minute journey passing for something recorded live at Sean McLusky and Mark ‘Wigan’ Williams` legendary `90s London nightclub, The Brain. 

Anatolian Weapons Selected Acid Tracks

Desert Track is slower, but not necessarily sedate. A ceremonial, cinematic, emotionally-charged, march that, given its title, summons images of the Sahara at dusk. Mercury plummeting in the chill still air. Other Paths is beatless, a cascade of quiet, gentle keys. However, when remixed by label-mates, Coma World, it`s transformed into some seriously stoned, downtempo jazz. Its funky, but stumbling, loose syncopation coming on like an old Mo`Wax side. Just don’t you dare say “Trip Hop”. Each drum stroke sending out aural vapour trails, against a grainy, gated, backdrop. Only Harmony Seeds, here reworked by Serbian selector, AASKA, is also a mellow mover. The programmed snares and congo fills, hijacking, mutating, some oh so in vogue `80s street soul shapes. In stark contrast, Acid Research 20, is a smashing slice of classic Chicago jack. Drawing also, perhaps, on Ministry’s heavier industrial dance. Basically, it`s a battle of two dueling Roland lines – one spinning, close to fractal freak-out, in psychedelic orbits, while the other patiently attempts to keep time. There`s also a buzzing, blurred, speaker-blowing edit, for those who like to frug even harder. Directing your attention to the hypnotic cowbell clonk, and knocking you off your axis with rapid 808 rolls. Forcing those famous silver boxes to sing in ever tighter tonal twists. 

Anatolian Weapons` Selected Acid Tracks is released this Friday, by Byrd Out.

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