Bill Laswell Needs Your Help

Legendary bass-player, producer, musical maverick, Bill Laswell, is in such acute financial circumstances that he has had to reach out to fans for assistance.  

Again, I’m not going to go into any details of Bill`s accomplishments here – who hasn’t he played with, produced, collaborated with, or remixed / reimagined?  – as he is very much alive and still kicking against the pricks, but Bill needs your help to keep Greenpoint Studios operational, and to keep his home. It`s completely crazy that someone who has made such an impact on modern music, for so long, should be in these dire straits. 

Famously, tirelessly, fusing the traditional with the contemporary – Bill has mixed jazz, hip hop, with folk music, prose and poetry, from around the world. In the process shaking everything with seismic doses of dub. Preserving the past, while fast-forwarding into the future. Raising rhythmic rituals that tap into ancient magick. 

I could list personal Bill Laswell favourites for days, but this blissed-out beauty was an “Upstairs at The Trip” Andrew Weatherall spin*, which I guess makes it a bona fide Balearic classic. 

There’s a Go Fund Me page. Please contribute if you can. 

*Weatherall once, live on radio, called this his favourite chill-out track.

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