Dr. Bob Jones Needs Your Help

Dr. Bob Jones is a legend on the UK jazz and soul music circuit. He has befriended and mentored generations of DJs, from, for example, Colin Hudd to Gilles Peterson, and influenced a whole, whole lot more. 

I won’t go on about Bob’s achievements and history, because I don’t want this to read like an obituary, because, thank goodness, it`s not. But Dr. Jones is, unfortunately, currently unwell. Illness is causing him to cancel gigs, and lose revenue, while still needing to find cash for the treatment he`s receiving. As a result, Bob’s friend, Janine Neye, has set up a Go Fund Me page. 

If you`ve spent anytime shimmying to soul, jazz, funk, and the soulful side of house, on a London, or UK, dance-floor, then, please, contribute what you can, and help one of the scene`s founding fathers. 

These are a few tunes that, in particular, remind me of bopping to Bob: 

The Delegates – Pigmy

East West Connection / The more I get The More I Want 

Razzy – I Hate Hate

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