Confessions Of A Wedding DJ / Part 3

Not all of my wedding DJ anecdotes are horror stories, though perhaps those make for a more entertaining yarn…

When The Lizard got married I was given the sole 8 hour slot, and no directive other than “Do what you do”. I didn’t compromise. I didn’t even pack any Kool & The Gang, I  just played whatever I wanted, whatever I was “feeling”, and it was one of the best, most enjoyable, sets of my life. 

I guess I knew my crowd, `cos we`d been throwing parties for a few years, plus holding down a residency at Islington`s Medicine Bar – and the majority of the wedding guests, if not regulars, knew musically what to expect… and they went with me, dancing from the beginning, to stuff like Leon Thomas` Sun Song, to the very end. They were even shouting for “One more!” 

The highlight though was the packed room going crazy to the strains of Bob Azzam`s Batucada For Favor*.

*I never thought I`d get away with playing this at a wedding. Never. 

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