Unknown Genre / Elevator Ride  / Other Goodness

Andrew “Emperor Machine” Meecham and Sean “Hardway Bros” Johnston join forces as Unknown Genre, for an E.P. on Berlin-based imprint, Other Goodness.

Cthulhu Macula is named after a portion of the planet Pluto, which in turn references a malevolent millennia-old deity created by H.P. Lovecraft. Bumping and grinding, the track`s an appropriately bubbling sonic cauldron of dark, but not moody, sex dungeon* shenanigans. A robotic rite, a musical mythos, of tribal thumping and coven-like incantation. Featuring sinewy, strung-out, guitar-lines, and a conversely fat, bulbous, bass, it`s like a meeting of Roberto Simone`s Coro Delle Lavandaie and Luca Guadagnino`s Suspiria remake. Eventually evolving into full-on acid house, the baton is then passed to the release`s title track, Elevator Ride, which is a terrific piece of trance-y kosmische. Travelling at a decidedly dance floor tempo, its propulsive pulse seems to be an homage to both Hardfloor and Dieter Moebius – plus Dieter`s mates Conny Plank, Mani Neumeier, and Gerd Beerbohm. Snapping and clapping Chicago jack trap snares gradually revealing the tune`s raw roots, as it morphs into jam that might have been made back in the day by Marcus Mixx, to be resurrected / unarchived by Let`s Pet Puppies. 

Heavenly Recordings’ The Orielles turn in a real surprise with their “Ambient Mix”. The disco-not-disco, punk-funk rockers borrow from `90s R&S offshoot Apollo, and Incunabula-era Autechre, for a bit of broken beat-ed IDM. The trio`s take surfing on soft focus sighs and swells. Ringing with digital dub detail and looped lover`s laughter. 

Unknown Genre`s Elevator Ride will be released by Other Goodness, on July 29th. Juno Download is currently the best place to listen and purchase.

*Copyright Disco Tees` Howler. Thanks Chris – I saw this “descriptor” and it somehow kicked off the whole review. 

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