Bianca / Tabu / NuNorthern Soul

NuNorthern Soul reissue Bianca Binky`s under-the-radar 1990 Balearic cult classic, Tabu, on a shiny new 12. Produced by Felix Mangione and Joaquín “Quim” Quer, who at the time were stars of the studios of Barcelona-based Blanco Y Negro Records, the track was actually first released on Tarragona-based imprint, Konga Music. I only know this because the original was / is one of the tasty tunes featured on Andrés Astorga, aka DJ Trujillo`s amazing collection, Ritmo Fantasia – the imagined soundtrack to a fictional Spanish-music-only party  Noche Española – thrown at Ibiza`s legendary nightclub, KU. I`ll confess that the track was totally new to me. I didn’t hear it until I was asked to give the comp`s accompanying, exhaustive, liner notes a “remix”. It was, honestly, an honour to be involved in the project, it was such as labour of love for Andrés.

One big, big, bonus with the repro 12” is that as well as the OG mixes, it also boasts Ruf Dug`s Extended Caribbean Dub. All the familiar early house sounds – snares, b-line, machined marimba, faux brass – synonymous with the second summer of love, are present, distilled into a dynamite package. Rocking to a relentless TR-909 rhythm, the edit / remix really makes the most of the song`s seriously pounding piano power.

Here and there, Ruffy indulges in some sneaky filtering, drops to a terrific tribal breakdown, before bringing everything together for a barmy finale, where he adds echoes of Ennio Morricone`s whistled The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly melody. 

I hope you’ve been working out, because once that fucking keyboard riff starts you’ll be raising your hands, arms, for a quite while, and it`s bound to be hammered everywhere. 

Bianca`s Tabu is out now, on NuNorthern Soul.

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